Friday, July 17, 2009

Baseball Honeymoon 12

It's finally here...the podcast that YOU thought was done and over with, has Phoenix-like risen from the ashes of burnt out, overworked Wayne and Lisa. Our schedules finally take a breather, and we reacquaint ourselves with the recording equipment.
So; with this momentous moment, this happy happenstance, what do we choose to do? We begin by flogging ourselves publicly. Not for our delinquency in podcasting. No, no, no. We excoriate ourselves by reviewing how our pre-season predictions have fared against the harsh light of reality. Oh yes, we also look at fellow prognosticator Paul White, who fares only slightly better than we. Just for starters, 4 out of our 6 predictions for Rookies of The Year have been demoted. OK, technically it's only 2 players, but 4 predictions, nonetheless.

Sadly, the bloodletting must end, and Lisa brings more smiles to the faces of our listeners by interviewing the 10th overall pick in this year's draft, Drew Storen. The newest National shows just how engaging and garrulous a Stanford education can make you, although I am sure he was always that way.

Music: Lorek and Williams, "Home".

Next comes trivia, wherein we answer the long ago question of what player was the 1st overall pick in the baseball draft TWICE. Then Wayne poses a trivia question based on this year's All Star rosters.

We follow that with an interview that would have worked for a Father's Day show if we'd only had one. Instead it works just as well to have Eric Young Jr. talk about his career and his Dad, right in between appearances at the Futures Game and the AAA All-Star Game. At the former, he hit a big homer, and at the latter, he had the good fortune of having his father be in the broadcast booth!

Music: Lorek and Williams, "The Comedown".

Top 5 returns with our list of 2009 All-Star snubs. Lisa lists players, Wayne pitchers.

We also reiterate that we are looking for YOU guys to become part of the podcast. Bill Heid has retired, so we'd like to fill his slot with musings from our audience. Get on your soapbox, record yourself and send it to us, or if that is too challenging technologically, write it down and we shall read it for you. We want our audience to have a voice!