Friday, July 17, 2009

Baseball Honeymoon 12

It's finally here...the podcast that YOU thought was done and over with, has Phoenix-like risen from the ashes of burnt out, overworked Wayne and Lisa. Our schedules finally take a breather, and we reacquaint ourselves with the recording equipment.
So; with this momentous moment, this happy happenstance, what do we choose to do? We begin by flogging ourselves publicly. Not for our delinquency in podcasting. No, no, no. We excoriate ourselves by reviewing how our pre-season predictions have fared against the harsh light of reality. Oh yes, we also look at fellow prognosticator Paul White, who fares only slightly better than we. Just for starters, 4 out of our 6 predictions for Rookies of The Year have been demoted. OK, technically it's only 2 players, but 4 predictions, nonetheless.

Sadly, the bloodletting must end, and Lisa brings more smiles to the faces of our listeners by interviewing the 10th overall pick in this year's draft, Drew Storen. The newest National shows just how engaging and garrulous a Stanford education can make you, although I am sure he was always that way.

Music: Lorek and Williams, "Home".

Next comes trivia, wherein we answer the long ago question of what player was the 1st overall pick in the baseball draft TWICE. Then Wayne poses a trivia question based on this year's All Star rosters.

We follow that with an interview that would have worked for a Father's Day show if we'd only had one. Instead it works just as well to have Eric Young Jr. talk about his career and his Dad, right in between appearances at the Futures Game and the AAA All-Star Game. At the former, he hit a big homer, and at the latter, he had the good fortune of having his father be in the broadcast booth!

Music: Lorek and Williams, "The Comedown".

Top 5 returns with our list of 2009 All-Star snubs. Lisa lists players, Wayne pitchers.

We also reiterate that we are looking for YOU guys to become part of the podcast. Bill Heid has retired, so we'd like to fill his slot with musings from our audience. Get on your soapbox, record yourself and send it to us, or if that is too challenging technologically, write it down and we shall read it for you. We want our audience to have a voice!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baseball Honeymoon on hold

We are sorry, you loyal listeners, but work schedules being what they are, Baseball Honeymoon will be delayed a couple of weeks. We have some great stuff in the can (Lisa interviewing Drew Storren, the newest National), and more to come as Lisa will be covering the Red Sox next week. So stay tuned and keep hitting us back here at the blog. I promise we will have a great show for you once we get the time to make one.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Baseball Honeymoon #11

Back to fresh content for the Honeymooners in episode 11. It's our draft preview show, and we get into exactly how much a crapshoot this thing known as the Rule 4 Draft is.

For "Bagels and Boxscores" we discuss the upcoming 1st ever "Primetime" baseball draft. No, that doesn't mean that Deion Sanders is hosting, it means that they are televising the draft just like the other big sports. Lisa explains why the baseball draft has never been a media event, and why it has suddenly become one. It's a no-brainer for the 1st pick, as San Diego State fireballer Stephen Strasburg is sure to be negotiating with the Nationals by next week. Lisa gives us a few insights into other potential 1st rounders, and tells why caveat emptor applies to those taking pitchers with the 1st overall pick.

For an in-depth view into what goes on behind the scenes with scouts and personnel execs before the draft, listen to Lisa's interview with Cubs Director of Scouting Tim Wilken (17:45), who goes into great detail on just how busy, exhaustive and exhausting this period is for the teams. Tim tells how he delegates authority, and how in these last weeks he has generated enough frequent flyer points to travel to Alpha Centauri.

At 31:52, we hand out another BH mug for our winner of last episode's Trivia contest. Lisa tells us where indeed there are no MLB affiliated teams. Then she posits a draft oriented question that is really a great piece of trivia.

To see the other side of the coin, the draft from the draftee's perspective, at 36:22 we talk to ex-closer and member of the 2005 World Champion Chicago White Sox Dustin Hermanson. Dustin was the 3rd overall pick in the 1994 amateur draft, and he reminisces for us about that experience. He also tells us about the great people he surrounded himself with as far as coaches and agents, and how it helped him through this process.

Music 45:34- Freddie Cole, "Why Did I Choose You?"

At 46:03 we list our Top 5 Baseball Busts (of recent memory). Lisa concentrates on draft miscues, and Wayne stretches to discuss the overhyped players who didn't pan out; particularly those from foreign countries. You know Lisa's picks are big time busts, since you have probably never heard their names. Some of her picks are still trying to get careers on track*, and some are just plain done. A couple pf Wayne's picks are actually in the big leagues now, and remain disappointments. Yes we are a bit negative, but the world isn't all balloons and puppies. It's also puppies being suffocated by balloons, and nasty crawling things all over your......

Sorry, I was flashing back to the plot of my freshman year roommate's 1st short movie.

Out Music: "Take Me or Leave Me", Original Cast Recording of "Rent".

Next episode will be our Father's Day show. Anyone for a nice game of "catch"?

* PET PEEVE: The term "On Track" as in "He's getting his career on track" is correct...a metaphor for a train that has come off the tracks that is now back on them. The use of the word "untracked" as a substitute for "on track" is wrong. And it's stupid. If someone is getting his career "untracked", that is a BAD thing, people.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baseball Honeymoon 10

It's our 1st "Best of" show. Remember how in the Brady Bunch, they needed a new show but didn't have any writers available, or one or two of the show's actors were not on set? Well, they used to have the available actors sit on the couch and reminisce about all the kooky stuff that had happened to them.

Sorry to say that Lisa has been swamped with work this year (she is now a backup beat writer for, plus still doing her columns and other articles) so we had to put the new content on hold for a bit.

Wayne decided he would get the old BH cutting block out, and digi-splice together a compilation of some of his favorite moments in BH history. We've got Frish on Malcolm X, Bouton on his Shea debut after "Ball Four" got published, Grady Little on Tim Robbins' pitching delivery, lots of prospects on their idols, Lisa Swan on Citifield/Yankee Stadium, Fernando Perez on scoring the biggest run in Rays' history, Bill Heid doing a broadcasters bit, Lisa and Wayne acting like little kids and also a little audio listener feedback from Mark Novak.

Our next show will be about the draft, and Lisa has got some great ideas. We will also do trivia contestants please be patient till BH11. Coming soon to an Ipod near you!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Baseball Honeymoon #9

Heyyyyyy, get ya Bud Light, heeeah. Get your Natty Bo! HOT dawwwwgs. PeaNUUUTS, peanuts.

That’s right people. We are going out to the old ballpark on Baseball Honeymoon this time. The good news is there are no bad seats on a podcast. We start out in the car on the way to the park, talking about the standings after the 1st month of Major League play, and Lisa and Wayne marvel at the some of the topsy-turvy numbers. The Yankees team era is near the bottom despite having paid all those millions out for CC and AJ. On the other hand, the bargain basement Buccos are missing bats very well, thank you. Other shockers discussed are the Mariners, the Royals and the Marlins.

At 14:46 we arrive at the gate and meet Houston Astros personnel executive Paul Ricciarini, widely respected as one of baseball’s top scouts. Like Johnny Cash, Paul’s been everywhere, man! He has seen almost all of the big and small league parks, and Lisa gets his take on what’s really good and interesting at contemporary ballparks.

As we get to our seats, it’s pre-game trivia time at 26:35, and Wayne lets you know exactly how it was that the 1969 Mets stole WS MVP Donn Clendenon away from the expansion Expos. Lisa then gives us a poser for which you will probably need your pocket USA maps.

At 1st pitch (33:00), we realize we are sitting next to Lisa Swan, who co-writes the fabulously successful and side-achingly funny blog “Subway Squawkers”. Lisa Swan has visited two parks Paul hasn’t made it to yet, Citifield and the new Yankee Stadium. We get the lowdown from Ms. Swan about the good, bad and ugly of the pricey new stadia. And yes, she is just as funny in voice as she is on paper/monitor.

49:29 The PA system blares “There Used to Be a Ballpark Here”, the C.O.B.

During the 7th inning stretch (50:15), we see that Bill Heid has flown back from China for a game, adding to his Herculean attendance numbers. Bill reminisces about his favorite memories at the ballpark.

The closer takes the mound at 54:52, and we finish our day at the park with our Top 5 ballpark memories. Wayne describes a Crime Dog blast, Lisa describes a hot dog bomb. Wayne dodges a missile from Rock, Lisa describes a Hawaiian giving a rock to his bride. Confused? Well, that’s why they play the games!

As we leave the ballpark, the PA plays “I’ll Be Seeing You”, by Trio Balança. Much better than “New York, New York”!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Baseball Honeymoon # 8

Baseball Honeymoon #8

Happy Anniversary! In celebrating 25 years of wedded bliss, Lisa and Wayne talk about some big baseball anniversaries we are marking this season.

We start out giving a little too much personal info, but those of you still listening afterwards will hear us wax rhapsodic about some important, happy and sad events in baseball history that are in their 5 or 0 year cycle. Wayne’s orange and blue blood spills all over the virtual pavement as he recalls the 1969 Amazin’ Mets, the team that hooked him as a baseball fan. Lisa discusses a few important events, including the ruling that allows women in the locker room, something that has allowed her to make a living as a sportswriter. She also reminisces about her 1st year covering baseball fulltime, as a beat writer covering the 1989 Carolina League champs the Prince William Cannons.

One event being actively commemorated this year is the 150th anniversary of the very first college baseball game, coincidentally played by Lisa’s alma mater, Amherst College against their long-time rival Williams. Our guest at 19:48 is Amherst alumnus Dan Duquette, who was also a GM in MLB for the Expos and the Red Sox. Dan is helping to plan a “vintage game” reenacting the look and rules of that initial game, which will take place on the same day as the scheduled 2009 Amherst/Williams game. Dan also gets into a discussion about his sports academy, and the shameful fact that his daughter has rejected her legacy, and is soon to graduate from the hated Williams College. Of course he is very proud of her, but at gametime, they will be on opposite sides of the field. Finally, the extended interview ends with a discussion of the greatest Expo team ever, the team that 15 years ago was robbed of their 1st and only chance to go to the World Series by the work stoppage of 1994. Dan was a major architect of that team, and tells a little of his pride and frustration.

Music 35:38: “No One Else”, the Wayne Wilentz Trio f/Pam Bricker

It’s trivia time at 36:38, and Lisa probably came up with the hardest question ever last episode. Amazingly, someone did get the answer. Wayne’s question for this show revolves around his Miracle Mets, and will be eminently easier to solve. Listener Feedback comes next, and our listeners chime in on the most unbreakable records out there. Lots of great offerings, all debatable, get read and receive the usual BH raspberry. Just kidding, friends!

The 40th anniversary of division play comes under scrutiny at 52:37 by Bill Heid on this show’s “Curly W” segment. Bill painstakingly reviewed all the teams that got screwed by lesser teams in the post-season. Afterwards, Wayne plays devil’s advocate, and rebuts the arguments by the district attorney. In defending his client, Wayne states that Divisional Play was at home playing Xbox with the DH and Infield Fly rules at the time of the alleged infraction. You, the jury, get to decide.

Music 58:19: “And We Talked”- Wayne Wilentz f/Steve Washington

At 59:11 it’s time for our top 5 most unbreakable records. Lisa and Wayne had similar guidelines, but all of Wayne’s list are actual records. Lisa’s are modern day records, ruling out stats that were set before the live-ball era. Wayne simply ruled out those records.
Understand? Nope? Well, maybe it’s clearer when you listen. Doubtful, but what’s a few minutes between baseball nuts? The game has no clock, and neither should you! You didn’t file your taxes yet? BFD. Don’t worry about the government, they’ll just print more money! It’s easy, and sure makes paying A Rod’s salary less painful!

Out Music: “Doin’ It With You”- Wayne Wilentz f/ Pam Bricker.

Next week’s show will be out ballparks and ballpark memories. What’s that falling out of the sky? It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s hot dog rolls? Lisa…!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Baseball Honeymoon #7

It’s our opening day blowout on Baseball Honeymoon. You get an extra 25% of talk for the same low, low price of….of ..ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! FREE! GRATIS, BABY!

Episode 7 diverges from our usual format to include lengthy chats with two of the most informed and informative journalists in the game, Paul White of USA Today, and Jonathan Mayo of We all do our best Kreskin/Nostradamus/Geithner and see a clear vision of the future.

At 2:09 Paul and the Honeymooners (sounds like a terrible name for a band in the ‘60’s) give their prognostications for the 2009 Major League season. All 3 agree that the east is best in both leagues and will provide the wild cards along with the pennant winners. However, all 3 pick different winners! Fun moments include the audible shudders caused by the mention of Kris Benson’s comeback, Lisa’s usual shocker pick for the World Series (think alligators) and Paul yelling “Homer Bailey’s throwin’ strikes!” He also defines the new verb in Doubleday’s Dictionary, to “Longoria”. I guess the infinitive would be “longorar”, no? Yo longoro, usted longoras, Nos longoramos….

35:02: Music- “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”- Bob Bruno

We read some listener’s predictions at 35:37, and there are some interesting and off-the-wall offerings. Ex-pitcher Brandon Kolb chips in, along with some of other new contributors. Then it’s time for Trivia, wherein Lisa anoints a new trivia champ who got our “1st ex-player in the Broadcaster’s wing of the HOF” question. Then she posits the toughest question so far. Good luck with this one, experts!

44:51: Music- “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”- Max Murray’s Jonathan Mayo joins us at 44:51 for a reunion of the great internet radio show “Around The Minors”. Jonathan was calling us from an apparent rare spring hurricane, so please excuse the annoying wind noise. Lisa and Jonathan select their top 3 or so minor league players and pitchers of the year, and you are going to hear about a lot of great young talent. You don’t get more knowledgeable about prospects than Lisa and Jonathan, so if you are scouting for your roto team, make a point of checking this out before your draft.

Music-63:37- “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”, William Hung

It’s time for Top 5’s at 63:48. Instead of looking forward, Wayne and Lisa look back, and list the most one-sided deals in recent memory. The only requirement to make this list is that the teams and/or players involved are still being affected by the deal. I think we uncovered a few that might be Brock for Broglio bad. It’s not all second-guessing, Wayne still remembers the cry of anguish that escaped his mouth upon reading about his number 1 choice. Let’s just say that every time Steve Phillips appears on his TV screen, Wayne “goes Cujo”. Lisa gives The O’s (and Wayne’s high school classmate Andy MacPhail) extreme props for a deal that their fans were upset about at the time, but are now grinning happily to themselves when they see the result.

Music 79:39: “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”, Dana Wilentz (at age 3).

This show ran so long, that again we had to bump Bill Heid’s segment. But fear not, Bill will be back next show .

Our next episode will celebrate our 25th Anniversary! You read it right, kids….and they said it wouldn’t last!.
It also is the 20th anniversary of Lisa covering the minors, so we hope to have some guests that represent that era.
Don’t forget to surf over to our Facebook Group, and suggest themes, Top 5’s and guests you would like us to have on future shows.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Baseball Honeymoon 6

To everything, there is a season. Not to get Biblical on you or anything, but on this show the Baseball Honeymooners focus on transitions, both seasonal and directional.

We kick things off with a Bagels and Boxscores segment that decries the extended length of this Spring Training. However, we decide that the very thing that is making it drag on, the World Baseball Classic, is vastly more entertaining than the usual exhibition season. We also discuss the Astros’ signing of Pudge; panic or planned brilliance?

Lisa springboards from the Pudge “audition” to her interview with Mets’ pitcher Nelson Figueroa (13:55). Nelson had a pretty impressive audition himself with Puerto Rico’s WBC team; he didn’t give up a run! They get into Nelson’s long, strange journey that has spanned the globe and the majors and minors.

At 24:47 we talk to legendary hurler and blogger Jimmy Scott, who is in recovery from a freak shoulder injury sustained while….well, we’ll just let him tell the story in his own inimitable manner! Where Nelson is doing everything possible to hang on, Jimmy is weighing the pros and cons of hanging them up.

36:06: Music- Diane Daly, “Four Seasons In One Day”.

It’s time for Listener Feedback at 36:43. Our listeners make fun of Wayne (OK, pile on why doncha?) and his lack of knowledge of a certain player of Mexican extraction. We also have feedback about our top 5 books list. Then it’s trivia time, where we have our 1st repeat winner…Lisa shuffle them cards, will ya?

Hey, “doncha”? “Will ya”? When did I start writing for Sarah Palin?

44:06: Music- Diane Daly, “Them There Eyes”.

At 45:08 Curly W returns after a brief hiatus (not his fault) with a fantastic soliloquy on baseball’s great broadcasters. Who knew Bill was the next Frank Caliendo? I take it back…he’s much funnier. But then again so is Ben Bernanke.

Lisa talks (at 51:00) to Sean Casey, widely revered as the nicest guy in the game, and Sean relates how easy it was for him to make the decision to retire from playing. He also talks about how he got his new job with MLB TV, and what that transition has been like. Gang, if you don’t like Sean Casey, then it’s time to see your local psycho-analyst!

It’s Top 5 time at 60:05, and staying with the Sean Casey mode, we name our favorite ex-players who are now broadcasters. There is a lot of cross-pollination as usual. Hey, when you’ve been married 25 years, your tastes start to merge (although that apparently doesn’t extend to The Coen Brothers for Lisa or “Toddlers and Tiaras” for Wayne). One name not on either list? It starts with a K and ends with an R. No, not Kramer, though he would make a hell of a color commentator. Plus, I hear he knows Keith Hernandez!

66:43: Out music- Diane Daly, “My Foolish Heart”.

The next BH will be our season previews. We’ve got USA Today’s Paul White to talk Majors and’s Jonathan Mayo to talk minors. All 4 of us plan to hoist ourselves on our own petards and make bold predictions on the ’09 season. One thing’s for sure….we’ll do better than those CNBC/Bloomberg prognosticators did on the market!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Baseball Honeymoon # 5

Snuggle up next to a nice lamp, pour yourself some cocoa and try not to fall asleep two paragraphs in, because Baseball Honeymoon is all about reading….baseball books! For our 5th show, we talk about the best in baseball lit, and we got 3 great authors to interview for you. Get ready to expand your summer reading list, kids!

As always, we kick things off with Bagels and Boxscores. Lisa has printed out the rosters for the contending teams of the World Baseball Classic, and intimates that some pitching staffs might be a little thin thanks to their MLB teams protecting pitchers from the tournament. Wayne lets all know that his knuckler is ready for the call, if needed.

Our 1st interview of the show (at 16:00) is a highlight for both hosts; a major figure from their youth consented to be on the show (thankfully our reputation did not precede us). Ex-pitcher, sports anchor, actor and, of course, author Jim Bouton (of “Ball Four” fame) gives us about 15 minutes of fascinating talk. Lisa stifles the desire to blurt out “You’re my biggest fan!!!”. Jim talks about the incentive to write the book, the initial very negative reaction he got, and the ensuing accolades. He also talks about his process, and some of the other projects he has been involved with. He gets Wayne’s vote for best guest yet!

At 30:50 we apologize for our destruction of “The Sandlot”, and award a BH mug to one of the many contest entrants. Then Wayne presents the new contest. Good luck, and no cheating!

Author Jane Heller discusses her newest book “Confessions of a She-Fan” at 33:21. It’s a very funny, very personal account of a season following her beloved Yankees around the country, husband in tow. Jane chats about her frustrations getting access to the Yanks, and about how a personal venting session morphed into a hugely entertaining work of non-fiction.

44:36- Music; “Black to Blue”, Jamieson Tobey.

The guests keep coming, as Lisa interviews author Howard Bryant at 46:40. Howard wrote about the history of racism within the Red Sox organization in his book “Shut Out; A Story of Race and Baseball in Boston”. Howard describes what it was like to grow up as a black man in Boston and how in his community, the Red Sox were ignored, while in others they were revered. He also gives us a preview of his forthcoming biography of Henry Aaron.

59:05- Music; “Everybody Feels The Same”, Jamieson Tobey.

At 59:45 we start our top 5 lists of baseball books. Lisa admits that she was stretching to find top 5 movies and songs, but had the opposite problem with books. She’s a writer, and we must give her some slack. Most of the crossover is on each of the hosts' honorable mention lists, but you KNOW a book discussed on this show would be in the top 2 for both. By the way, all 3 guests also chime in on their favorite baseball books, so have a pen and paper handy for some great recommendations.

We had to hold off on Curly W segment due to the length of this episode, but Bill will return on the next show with more pith and vinegar.

1:11:50- Music; “Smoke”, Jamieson Tobey.

For our next show, the theme will be transitions in baseball. Guests committed to taking part include newly retired Indians/Reds 1B Sean Casey, 300 game winner Jimmy Scott and Mets pitcher Nelson Figueroa.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Baseball Honeymoon # 4

Well gang, we just keep outdoing ourselves. Every episode of Baseball Honeymoon sets the bar higher, and I am sure you will agree that #4 continues the trend. Of course, when the original bar is somewhere below Death Valley, it’s not too hard to pull off this feat.

Fair warning: there will be no discussion of performance enhancement or steroids on this show.

It’s Oscar time, no not Oscar Gamble, but the Academy Awards-- and the theme of Episode 4 is movies and baseball. We kick things off with Bagels and Boxscores, discussing the remaining thin crop of Free Agents. Lisa and Wayne divide them up into guys who should get multi-years, guys who should take a one-year deal if they get the offer, and guys who should stay home and take care of their grandchildren.

Our first interview comes at 9:12, when Lisa gets erstwhile big league manager Grady Little to talk about his experience on the set of “Bull Durham”. Grady also discusses life after baseball for him and his wife, and their cookbook. Wow…a husband and wife doing a project together. I wonder what THAT feels like.

18:05-Music: “The All-American League Theme” from “A League of Their Own”.

Next at 18:34 comes Trivia, and Lisa gives the answer to last week’s question about “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”. Instead of a new question, we imitate our podcasting idols, Adam Kempenaar and Matty Robinson of “Filmspotting”, and do a version of their usually hilarious “Massacre Theatre”. We’ll call it “Murderer Theatre”, and you’ll see why. Lisa and Wayne do their very best to destroy the dialogue from a baseball movie, and you guys have to guess what movie that is.

At 24:43 Lisa then gets ex-Minor Leaguer Jim Betzsold to discuss his role in the 1996 epic “The Fan”. We get some insight into what it’s like on a movie set, and what it feels like to beat the crap out of Wesley Snipes repeatedly.

31:50-Music: “I’m Forever Blowing Ballgames”, sung by John Sayles in “Eight Men Out”.

At 32:18 Wayne and Lisa read some Listener Mail; the good news is somebody liked Wayne’s “Song With Orange (and Blue)”. Bad news is somebody also liked “Cotton-Eyed Joe”. Worse news is, Wayne sings a bit of “Cotton-Eyed Joe”. Oh, the humanity!

Curly W (aka Bill Heid) gives us some insight at 38:40 into his unique dialect. Bill has always liked to use baseball metaphors for other items of interest; music and women, in particular.

42:37- Clip: Trailer from “Field of Dreams”.

Our Top 5 baseball movies commences at 43:40 with a guest on hand to do the listing with us. It’s Matty Robinson of the aforementioned “Filmspotting” podcast. To quote Lisa, “We’re not worthy”. Wayne talks to Matty for a bit, gets him to promise that he and Adam won’t sue us for using all their ideas, and then the three of us list our favorite baseball movies. There is much overlap to be sure, but the BH crew do stump the FS guy with their co 2nd ranked pick. Matty provides some great insight into why it is that inaccurate baseball movies irk fans so much.

The three then close things out with a wonderful and heartfelt salute to “The Fan”, which they all agree is the finest film about baseball ever made, maybe the finest film of the last 50 years.
Ain’t sarcasm great?

64:13-Music: “Long Gone”, Hank Williams.

64:23-The honeymooners close out episode 4 with a preview of the next show…kids, we got the immortal Jim Bouton to do a great interview for our books about baseball show, Baseball Honeymoon 5. Raise that bar again!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Baseball Honeymoon # 3

We’re very proud of our 3rd episode of Baseball Honeymoon. We actually have a theme this time, and it’s music and baseball. There are 4 interviews in the podcast, which explains why we couldn’t keep it under an hour. We promise brevity will be observed on our next show, but when you see how much great stuff we have here, you’ll understand why we go a bit long.

We start out with Bagels and Boxscores, where Lisa and Wayne get into the great free agent freeze of 2009, and discuss the possibility of whether this is a new form of collusion or not.

At 8:55 Lisa interviews Fernando Perez, Rays OF. Fernando tells of scoring the winning run against the Red Sox in the 2008 ALCS, and he also discusses the Rays clubhouse. Perez is quite the alternative music expert, and he names a favorite baseball song from that genre.

18:42: Music- “O’Brien/O’Brien’s Nocturne”- M. Ward

It’s Trivia time at 19:08. Lisa announces the winner of last week’s contest, and then posits the question for this week, and of course it’s about THE baseball song. No, not the National Anthem, but Take Me Out To The Ballgame.

Wayne interviews jazz legend/songwriter Dave Frishberg at 22:57.
Even if you’re not a jazz fan, you might know some of Dave’s classic tunes, like “Peel Me a Grape”, “My Attorney Bernie” or “I’m Hip”. Dave’s phone was very low in volume, so in order to hear him, we had to do some sound editing magic. If it sounds like Wayne is a heavy-breathing stalker, it’s just that when Dave was talking, we had to crank it up, and that brought Wayne’s background noise way out in the mix. Wayne is a fan, but not a freak, OK? Dave tells some great stories, so don’t miss this, and try to ignore the mouth breather.

29:15: Music- “Van Lingle Mungo”- Dave Frishberg

Definitely one of the highlights of the show comes at 29:38. Lisa introduces our guest correspondant, author and expert on all things Red Sox, David Laurila from Baseball Prospectus. David captures Boston prospects Lars Anderson and Zach Daeges interviewing each other. The questions they ask each other make Media Day at the Superbowl seem like a Gerald Ford press conference. They both play guitar, which explains why they are so out there.

38:15: Music- “Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio”- Les Brown and his Orchestra

A Curly W appearance comes at 38:57, and Bill decides to go for the irony, giving us a hip-hop tune about why we should stop blaring pop music at the ballparks. You think if they played some Jimmy Smith during the 7th Inning Stretch, Bill might be OK with it?

At 43:14, Wayne regales (or annoys, you choose) us with his original paean to the Mets, “A Song With Orange (and Blue)”. At 46:18, Wayne apologizes for the indulgence, and audially excoriates himself. At 46:30 Wayne breaks out into sobs and begins to blame it all on his childhood traumas. At 46:35, Wayne checks into rehab.

Seriously, at 46:18 Wayne begins his interview with Jeff Campbell, creator of “Hungry For Music”, the very successful charity that brings musical instruments to needy children. Jeff explains how he started the endeavor, and why he got into producing CD’s featuring baseball songs.

55:27- Music-“Take Me Out To The Ballgame”- Bruce Springstone

Lisa and Wayne list their Top 5 favorite songs about baseball at 55:38; they bring back a familiar artist from an earlier show (albeit from a different period in her life), plus some songs that play a special part of their history. Lisa makes a joke that goes way over Wayne’s head….well more like under his posterior. In answer to her question, yes—we ARE six years old. You see, it IS possible to go scat and scatological in the same show!

End music: “Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball?”- Count Basie

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Podcast # 2, 1/26/2009

Hah...we're back. Oh, that's a different show. Yes indeed, we have returned with our 2nd podcast (a bit ahead of schedule), and if there is a theme to the show, I have no idea what that might be.

We kick things off with "Bagels and Boxscores"; Lisa and Wayne discuss the moves or lack thereof in the past couple of weeks. Lisa praises the Red Sox for some smart signs, where Wayne expresses a desire to invest in Mass General Hospital stock, since these guys are the walking wounded. A little discussion of the rosters for this year's World Baseball Classic leads us into Lisa's interview with Brewers' catching prospect ANGEL SALOME (11:33), who will not be playing for the DR, but who was at the Rookie Career Development Program. Lisa asks Angel about his involvement with educating his fellow Latin players in the ways of life stateside, and coping with the obvious cultural differences.

At 15:00, we read some FEEDBACK from you guys. You guys are really weird. But wonderful. I think I use that word too much. OK, after this show I am banning "wonderful" from my lexicon. Anyway, thanks for the critiques, and keep it coming!

22:35: Music; Bill Heid, "Little Langley" from the CD "Dark Secrets" (Savant Records).

TRIVIA time arrives at 23:25, we announce winners from last week's show, and then Lisa reads this week's question, which relates to the World Baseball Classic of 2006. Don't Google this....that would be cheating. If you don't know it, then you don't deserve a Baseball Honeymoon mug, darnit! Wait...I didn't know it. Hey....that's my mug lady! Where are you taking that?

Lisa's interview with Twins' closer JOE NATHAN starts at 29:55. Joe talks about his involvement in the WBC, and his previous life as a shortstop. Other subjects touched on are his upstate New York upbringing, his involvement with Alma Mater SUNY Stony Brook, his transformation into a dominant closer from position player, and his young fandom following the Mets of the '80's. I LIKE this guy!

41:30 sees Wayne go off on the timing of the WBC, and how it trashed his pitching staff in fantasy ball 2006. As if that wasn't enough complaining, CURLY W returns with a commentary about how dumb it is that fans throw back opposing team's homerun balls. We believe this started with the Bleacher Bums at Wrigley. And that is all we want to say about that.

45:35: Music; Bill Heid, "That Dirty Thang". (see above).

Lisa kicks off our TOP 5 LISTS at 45:50 with an audio montage from the RCDP. She asked a lot of the young'uns there who their favorite players were growing up. Since most of those guys just finished growing up 15 minutes ago, Wayne was afraid they might say names like David Wright and Ryan Howard. The good news was we think Torii Hunter was the youngest player mentioned! This is a great segment, don't miss it....especially the way Carlos Triunfel says "Seattle Mariners".

OUR top 5 favorite players growing up are then listed at 50:20. Lisa has a very Oriole-heavy list, Wayne's has few surprises, but he throws a curve at number one. No worries, it's a waste pitch!

We will be back in a couple of weeks with our Grammy and music.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Podcast # 1, 1/12/09

Our inaugural podcast kicks off with our theme music ("Utopia Freeway" by the Wayne Wilentz Trio), and Lisa and Wayne issue their mission statement. Something like "we have no clue what we are doing, and hope you don't care". A quick summation of how each podcast will be put together ensues.

At about 7:30 we begin our "Bagels and Boxscores" discussion, which recreates a typical morning melee at our breakfast table. Usually we talk about recent developments in the game, how my roto team is doing (Lisa tuning out at that point). This episode features our discussion of the Yankees spending binge, and how the Mets, Red Sox and Rays have responded. We do tend to go on and on, so you can just fast forward through this section at first yawn.

At 26:15 (see I told you we went on and on) Lisa interviews Florida Marlins head of Player Development Dan Jennings. This was recorded right after the Rule 5 Draft at the Winter Meetings in 2008, so Dan and Lisa address the Rule 5, its importance, how the Marlins virtually stole Dan Uggla in a previous draft, and who of interest went in the 2008 draft.

Break Music at 34:15...our daughter, 18 year old pheenom, indie-musician Dana Jasmine singing and playing her song ,"The Benefit".

At 35:45 Lisa conducts our 1st trivia contest, with two chances to win Baseball Honeymoon apparel and goodies.

Bill Heid, aka "Curly W" opines about the noise in contemporary ballparks at 39:35, in his always interesting, highly entertaining "Andy Roonistic" monologue. This, of course, relates directly to our Top 5 list (see below).

Break Music at 41:15, Dana Jasmine performing her song "Anyone But You".

42:40 starts our Top 5 lists. This show features our Top 5 Resolutions for Baseball, both Majors and Minors. Lisa has some people who need to be recognized, and some ideas about how players can help the littler guys. Wayne would like some rules changes and a faster game, PLEASE!

We close it out at 57:20 with Lisa apologizing profusely for our transgressions, with a promise that things will only get better. She then beseeches the listeners to give us feedback, and let us know if they have any ideas for stuff they would like us to say and do on the podcast.

Closing music; Dana Jasmine sings her composition, "Hardball".

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A New Podcast!


A new baseball podcast hosted by the husband-and-wife team of Wayne Wilentz and Lisa Winston.

The show will feature commentary, opinions (lots of them), interviews with major and minor-league players, managers, coaches, front office executives, journalists and folks from all walks of baseball life on and off the field.

Listeners will be able to answer trivia questions for a chance to win cool Baseball Honeymoon swag! Woo hoo!