Friday, February 6, 2009

Baseball Honeymoon # 3

We’re very proud of our 3rd episode of Baseball Honeymoon. We actually have a theme this time, and it’s music and baseball. There are 4 interviews in the podcast, which explains why we couldn’t keep it under an hour. We promise brevity will be observed on our next show, but when you see how much great stuff we have here, you’ll understand why we go a bit long.

We start out with Bagels and Boxscores, where Lisa and Wayne get into the great free agent freeze of 2009, and discuss the possibility of whether this is a new form of collusion or not.

At 8:55 Lisa interviews Fernando Perez, Rays OF. Fernando tells of scoring the winning run against the Red Sox in the 2008 ALCS, and he also discusses the Rays clubhouse. Perez is quite the alternative music expert, and he names a favorite baseball song from that genre.

18:42: Music- “O’Brien/O’Brien’s Nocturne”- M. Ward

It’s Trivia time at 19:08. Lisa announces the winner of last week’s contest, and then posits the question for this week, and of course it’s about THE baseball song. No, not the National Anthem, but Take Me Out To The Ballgame.

Wayne interviews jazz legend/songwriter Dave Frishberg at 22:57.
Even if you’re not a jazz fan, you might know some of Dave’s classic tunes, like “Peel Me a Grape”, “My Attorney Bernie” or “I’m Hip”. Dave’s phone was very low in volume, so in order to hear him, we had to do some sound editing magic. If it sounds like Wayne is a heavy-breathing stalker, it’s just that when Dave was talking, we had to crank it up, and that brought Wayne’s background noise way out in the mix. Wayne is a fan, but not a freak, OK? Dave tells some great stories, so don’t miss this, and try to ignore the mouth breather.

29:15: Music- “Van Lingle Mungo”- Dave Frishberg

Definitely one of the highlights of the show comes at 29:38. Lisa introduces our guest correspondant, author and expert on all things Red Sox, David Laurila from Baseball Prospectus. David captures Boston prospects Lars Anderson and Zach Daeges interviewing each other. The questions they ask each other make Media Day at the Superbowl seem like a Gerald Ford press conference. They both play guitar, which explains why they are so out there.

38:15: Music- “Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio”- Les Brown and his Orchestra

A Curly W appearance comes at 38:57, and Bill decides to go for the irony, giving us a hip-hop tune about why we should stop blaring pop music at the ballparks. You think if they played some Jimmy Smith during the 7th Inning Stretch, Bill might be OK with it?

At 43:14, Wayne regales (or annoys, you choose) us with his original paean to the Mets, “A Song With Orange (and Blue)”. At 46:18, Wayne apologizes for the indulgence, and audially excoriates himself. At 46:30 Wayne breaks out into sobs and begins to blame it all on his childhood traumas. At 46:35, Wayne checks into rehab.

Seriously, at 46:18 Wayne begins his interview with Jeff Campbell, creator of “Hungry For Music”, the very successful charity that brings musical instruments to needy children. Jeff explains how he started the endeavor, and why he got into producing CD’s featuring baseball songs.

55:27- Music-“Take Me Out To The Ballgame”- Bruce Springstone

Lisa and Wayne list their Top 5 favorite songs about baseball at 55:38; they bring back a familiar artist from an earlier show (albeit from a different period in her life), plus some songs that play a special part of their history. Lisa makes a joke that goes way over Wayne’s head….well more like under his posterior. In answer to her question, yes—we ARE six years old. You see, it IS possible to go scat and scatological in the same show!

End music: “Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball?”- Count Basie


  1. Listened to the 2nd and 3rd podcasts the last two days. I really enjoy you guys, sorry I didn't start listening to them when they first started, but i will from now on. Great Job. Theres a song that I love called Baseball by an emo punk band called Ozma. I think the song was actually written by the members of Weezer but performed by Ozma. Check it out sometime. Loved your Orange and Blue, back in 2002 I wrote a song called Red White and Dodger Blue to play for some Giants fans in CA. Keep up the good work. See you Sunday Wayne.

  2. Three podcasts in and you both sound more professional than Jane Paulie & Tom Brokaw after 10 years together. But neither of you are as good as Maury Povich. Sorry. He's just soooo good. You should see him on TV. Is he still on TV? I miss him. A lot.

  3. What a cutie! (I mean the dog, Woof!) So if I get a 2nd mug, I wonder how I'll wear it? I'm so proud! . . .BeesGal

  4. playa can't get a link on the side here? :) good job


  5. One of my favorite (even if it is corny) baseball tunes is "Dandy Sandy," an ode to Koufax sung by Jimmy Durante. It's available on YouTube: