Friday, June 5, 2009

Baseball Honeymoon #11

Back to fresh content for the Honeymooners in episode 11. It's our draft preview show, and we get into exactly how much a crapshoot this thing known as the Rule 4 Draft is.

For "Bagels and Boxscores" we discuss the upcoming 1st ever "Primetime" baseball draft. No, that doesn't mean that Deion Sanders is hosting, it means that they are televising the draft just like the other big sports. Lisa explains why the baseball draft has never been a media event, and why it has suddenly become one. It's a no-brainer for the 1st pick, as San Diego State fireballer Stephen Strasburg is sure to be negotiating with the Nationals by next week. Lisa gives us a few insights into other potential 1st rounders, and tells why caveat emptor applies to those taking pitchers with the 1st overall pick.

For an in-depth view into what goes on behind the scenes with scouts and personnel execs before the draft, listen to Lisa's interview with Cubs Director of Scouting Tim Wilken (17:45), who goes into great detail on just how busy, exhaustive and exhausting this period is for the teams. Tim tells how he delegates authority, and how in these last weeks he has generated enough frequent flyer points to travel to Alpha Centauri.

At 31:52, we hand out another BH mug for our winner of last episode's Trivia contest. Lisa tells us where indeed there are no MLB affiliated teams. Then she posits a draft oriented question that is really a great piece of trivia.

To see the other side of the coin, the draft from the draftee's perspective, at 36:22 we talk to ex-closer and member of the 2005 World Champion Chicago White Sox Dustin Hermanson. Dustin was the 3rd overall pick in the 1994 amateur draft, and he reminisces for us about that experience. He also tells us about the great people he surrounded himself with as far as coaches and agents, and how it helped him through this process.

Music 45:34- Freddie Cole, "Why Did I Choose You?"

At 46:03 we list our Top 5 Baseball Busts (of recent memory). Lisa concentrates on draft miscues, and Wayne stretches to discuss the overhyped players who didn't pan out; particularly those from foreign countries. You know Lisa's picks are big time busts, since you have probably never heard their names. Some of her picks are still trying to get careers on track*, and some are just plain done. A couple pf Wayne's picks are actually in the big leagues now, and remain disappointments. Yes we are a bit negative, but the world isn't all balloons and puppies. It's also puppies being suffocated by balloons, and nasty crawling things all over your......

Sorry, I was flashing back to the plot of my freshman year roommate's 1st short movie.

Out Music: "Take Me or Leave Me", Original Cast Recording of "Rent".

Next episode will be our Father's Day show. Anyone for a nice game of "catch"?

* PET PEEVE: The term "On Track" as in "He's getting his career on track" is correct...a metaphor for a train that has come off the tracks that is now back on them. The use of the word "untracked" as a substitute for "on track" is wrong. And it's stupid. If someone is getting his career "untracked", that is a BAD thing, people.

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