Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baseball Honeymoon 10

It's our 1st "Best of" show. Remember how in the Brady Bunch, they needed a new show but didn't have any writers available, or one or two of the show's actors were not on set? Well, they used to have the available actors sit on the couch and reminisce about all the kooky stuff that had happened to them.

Sorry to say that Lisa has been swamped with work this year (she is now a backup beat writer for, plus still doing her columns and other articles) so we had to put the new content on hold for a bit.

Wayne decided he would get the old BH cutting block out, and digi-splice together a compilation of some of his favorite moments in BH history. We've got Frish on Malcolm X, Bouton on his Shea debut after "Ball Four" got published, Grady Little on Tim Robbins' pitching delivery, lots of prospects on their idols, Lisa Swan on Citifield/Yankee Stadium, Fernando Perez on scoring the biggest run in Rays' history, Bill Heid doing a broadcasters bit, Lisa and Wayne acting like little kids and also a little audio listener feedback from Mark Novak.

Our next show will be about the draft, and Lisa has got some great ideas. We will also do trivia contestants please be patient till BH11. Coming soon to an Ipod near you!

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