Friday, January 9, 2009

Podcast # 1, 1/12/09

Our inaugural podcast kicks off with our theme music ("Utopia Freeway" by the Wayne Wilentz Trio), and Lisa and Wayne issue their mission statement. Something like "we have no clue what we are doing, and hope you don't care". A quick summation of how each podcast will be put together ensues.

At about 7:30 we begin our "Bagels and Boxscores" discussion, which recreates a typical morning melee at our breakfast table. Usually we talk about recent developments in the game, how my roto team is doing (Lisa tuning out at that point). This episode features our discussion of the Yankees spending binge, and how the Mets, Red Sox and Rays have responded. We do tend to go on and on, so you can just fast forward through this section at first yawn.

At 26:15 (see I told you we went on and on) Lisa interviews Florida Marlins head of Player Development Dan Jennings. This was recorded right after the Rule 5 Draft at the Winter Meetings in 2008, so Dan and Lisa address the Rule 5, its importance, how the Marlins virtually stole Dan Uggla in a previous draft, and who of interest went in the 2008 draft.

Break Music at 34:15...our daughter, 18 year old pheenom, indie-musician Dana Jasmine singing and playing her song ,"The Benefit".

At 35:45 Lisa conducts our 1st trivia contest, with two chances to win Baseball Honeymoon apparel and goodies.

Bill Heid, aka "Curly W" opines about the noise in contemporary ballparks at 39:35, in his always interesting, highly entertaining "Andy Roonistic" monologue. This, of course, relates directly to our Top 5 list (see below).

Break Music at 41:15, Dana Jasmine performing her song "Anyone But You".

42:40 starts our Top 5 lists. This show features our Top 5 Resolutions for Baseball, both Majors and Minors. Lisa has some people who need to be recognized, and some ideas about how players can help the littler guys. Wayne would like some rules changes and a faster game, PLEASE!

We close it out at 57:20 with Lisa apologizing profusely for our transgressions, with a promise that things will only get better. She then beseeches the listeners to give us feedback, and let us know if they have any ideas for stuff they would like us to say and do on the podcast.

Closing music; Dana Jasmine sings her composition, "Hardball".


  1. Very nice. NPR-ish, which, in my opinon, is a compliment, especially since I'm the one giving the compliment. Not that this is about me at all. The compliment is about you, Lisa & Wayne. You guys sound great. And Dana has a Lisa Loeb vibe going. That's good, in my opinion, because I like Lisa Loeb. Not that this is about me & Lisa Loeb. It's about yous two and that kid of yours who isn't a kid but makes good music.

    I liked what Dan Jennings had to say. Great guest.

    - Jimmy Scott

  2. David will explain to technologically-clueless-me how to subscribe and then he will doubtless prove a more devoted fan, being both a baseball and music fanatic.

    My only question: why were you honeymooning in Mets regalia? (Wayne I understand, but aren't there limits to true love?)

    - Candace

  3. I really dug it. There's not a lot of good baseball podcasts out there that aren't dominated by fantasy talk. I thought both of you gave a fresh perspective, you both were funny and were down to earth.

    I liked some of your ideas on how to help out milb players (higher pay, forced call up for lifers, etc.) Enjoyed the interview as a person who actually gets revved up for the rule 5. it did get a little lengthy but i never lost interest, and i'm sure you will be working on that. looking forward to more.

    your daughter has a beautiful voice, btw.

  4. I finally got a chance to listen to the first podcast. I really enjoyed it, I plan to listen to the 2nd one tomorrow with my coffee. I really liked Lisa's concern for minor league players and their salaries. Luis Vizcaino lived with me in Modesto, CA for part of two seasons while playing with the Modesto A's in '97 and '98 and I know how little he made, even for A ball, not enough to live off of. I would have added season openers in Japan to the top 5. They have to stop doing that, they've done it a couple times now and it really hurts a club. They play two, then come home play more exhibitions, then continue the season. Who knows, maybe the A's wouldn't have fallen apart last year just before the break. Also, I do like the four pitch intentional walk, but I can see both sides of the argument. However, in my eyes, if you take the bat out of my hitters hand, throw four 75mph pitches out of the strike zone as a penalty.
    All and all I thought it was entertaining especially for the first one. Jennings was a great interview and he is a genius for Dan Uggla. Looking forward to tomorrow morning, your daughter has a great voice, I do think Carl Pavano can have a good season and sorry Wayne, Manny is gonna stay in LA. Go Dodgers!